Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 6 – January 10

We awoke and had a leisurely breakfast – I had gone to bed at 5:30 last night and woke at 7:45 assuming I had missed breakfast (but it was still night). Packing a leisurely 12 hour sleep, I woke up amazingly refreshed, without back pain and ready to attack the world. Here is the view out the window:

Roger, Vincent and I spent part of the morning shopping for Helge’s birthday and we’ll have a party for him on the ferry as we cross the Gulf. We had a bountiful collection of presents – first, four pieces of delicious cake with candles; second (as you can see below on the attractive serving girl – who is not included in the gift) a pair of handcuffs, inferring that we never want him to leave our side;

third, a simplified camera – the $15,000 worth of camera gear is not critical – a simple camera will do; fourth, a bag of marbles – in case he loses his (doubtful); fifth, a back-scratcher – in case he needs an extra hand (shouldn’t rely on us); sixth, a compass – so that he doesn’t have to rely on those infernal GPS devices; and the seventh present is unrecognizable to me.

I torked down the spring on my rear shock – but in case this doesn’t work, Marge is bringing along an extra shock with a heavier spring and an additional much heavier spring. This will give me three options for rear suspension on the rest of the trip.

We checked out at 1:00 and headed down to the beach on the other side of the ferry (5 miles away) for lunch and some photo sessions. While waiting for the ferry we had lunch at a beautiful beach spot – one of the few on the Baja.

We loaded our bikes on the second deck of the ferry which was virtually empty.

That evening on the ferry, we threw Helge a birthday party and it was a great success.

He loved the handcuffs, compass and other paraphernalia we had gotten. Since he’s the youngest in the group (somewhere around 55) he had to sit in the baby chair.

Following the ferry ride we have a 600 mile ride to my sister Harriet’s house in San Miguel. A portion of the ride is over “the devil’s backbone” which is a serpentine steep rode over the mountains. The two days it will take to cross the 600 miles will be long given the topography and I don’t expect that we will have e-mail connections until arriving at Harriet’s in San Miguel.

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