Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 4 - January 8

We left Guerrero Negro in the morning amid a pea soup fog and it was difficult to see more than 200 yards ahead. The road was wet and the fog collected on the helmet visor like rain.

We are on way southeast across the Baja peninsula to the Gulf of California traveling from Santa Rosalia to Loreto where we will spend the night. Along the way we did some desert riding while Helge did some more work on his video.

When we arrived at the coast we had lunch at a nice restaurant on the Gulf

and picked some of the cactus quills out of our clothes (they go right through leather).

We made some rather expensive phone calls (over $2.00/minute)

Along the coast there were pockets of beautiful beaches along the bite of small bays.

But in general the shoreline was rocky with beautiful landscapes offshore with islands framed by craggy steep cliffs and sharp volcanic peaks.

We spent the night in a fancy (but empty) Loreto hotel with our bikes parked in front under the watchful eye of the night manager.

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